ravis Kelce doesn’t just love spoiling his girlfriend Taylor Swift with lavish gifts, but also himself. According to Page Six, the Chiefs tight end spent over $88,000 shopping for a luxurious spree for himself while enjoying some free time with Swift in London.

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On Wednesday, The Sun reported that Travis Kelce shopped for a $4,950 leather bomber jacket from the Burberry outlet. Along with the bomber jacket, the Chiefs tight end also picked up a quilted bomber jacket worth $2,350 and a leather biker jacket costing $5,900.

But that’s not all. Kelce spent about $63,000 on two timepieces from Rolex. The first one is a classic Cosmograph Daytona worth $44,300, and the second is an unnamed “legendary diver’s watch.”

Like Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce loves Louis Vuitton and stopped by the outlet in London to get himself two denim patchwork shirts worth $3,350. Along with the shirts, Kelce also bought himself matching shorts worth $2,380. The last luxurious item Kelce spent was $1,700 for a Panama hat from Lock & Co.

Travis Kelce’s surprise appearance was the key highlight of the Eras Tour. Travis came along with his brother Jason and his sister-in-law, Kylie, who shared the VIP tent with Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews.
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On Monday, Kylie Kelce posted an Instagram story, resharing an Instagram post from Charissa Thompson’s account. The Instagram post was a recap of her visit to Eras Tour, including pictures capturing her time with Andrews and the Kelces. Praising Thompson and Andrews, Kylie said:
“Pardon the delay because we were very busy last week. But I have to circle back to meeting the absolute queens. I had to fangirl over them both for not only being bada** women in Sports, but also having meaningful and empowering conversation on @calmdownpodcast.”

Travis Kelce’s fun conversation with Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson at Eras Tour London

After attending the Eras Tour with the Kelce family, Erin Andrews joined Charissa Thompson on the ‘Clam Down with Erin and Charissa’ podcast to share her experience in London. Andrews recalled having a fun conversation with the Chiefs tight end.
“I said, ‘Travis! Do you know what they are?’ He was great, whether he had a poker face or not, he was like, ‘I think it’s an old one and one of the new ones.’ And it was adorable. He goes, ‘And the bridge leads to this.’ I just looked at him, and I go, ‘The fact that you just said ‘Bridge’ blows my mind,’” Andrews said.

Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews took credit for setting up Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. However, Andrews recently confessed that they are not the ones who set up the Chiefs tight end and the Blank Space singer.