Meghan Markle’s newest venture is facing criticism long before production has even begun!

“The problem is I sometimes think Meghan can’t let go and wants it to be about her…” royal expert Rupert Bell dished on the “Kinsey Schofield Unfiltered” podcast.

meghan markle archetypes returning after spotify fail


Meghan Markle used to be an actress on ‘Suits.’

Suits did well in its time,” he added when highlighting a recent bombshell report suggesting the Duchess should bring her ex-costars on her upcoming Lemonada chatfest. “Meghan was in it. She earned a lot of money out of it. But it does feel retrograde if she’s having to call on members of the cast that she has very little contact with.”

He then observed: “The thing about her podcast that sort of annoyed me was it shouldn’t be about her.”

The commentator then pointed out how the axed episode of “Archetypes” featuring Serena Williams would have been “a hit” had the interviewer focused more on the interviewee.

“That would have got people listening all over the world,” he continued. “But instead, Meghan couldn’t resist making it about her at times, and she did it with some of the other people she had on.”

david beckham got revenge prince harry excluded meghan markle


David and Victoria Beckham are rumored to have cut ties with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

But like herself in the eyes of multiple other analysts, Bell added how the ex-working royal’s former costars are not A-list material. “If she’s getting people on from Suits, let’s be honest, they’re not A-list — with all due respect to those people. Good actors and actresses they may be, but they’re not A-list.”

With rumors swirling that the ex-HRH could bring on everyone from Zendaya and Tom Holland to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas — the Beckhams, and George Clooney are likely out due to recent Sussex feuds. Nevertheless, one commentator feels Meghan should strive for bigger names and not dip back into her past colleague contact list.

“I feel like it’s a step back for Meghan to call on anybody from Suits to appear on her Lemonada podcast,” royal expert Kinsey Schofield told Bell. “I think she aspires to be more and wants to be remembered for something else. She wants to be this entrepreneur and Suits is in the rearview mirror.”

king charles


Another King Charles product conveniently debuted at the same time as news of another Meghan Markle item.

This comes as news of Meghan’s American Riviera Orchard releasing a line of wine products was tampered with by the “out of nowhere” promotion of King Charles’ new Highgrove Royal Estate Honey. This follows a similar pattern from April when the Duchess of Sussex’s strawberry jam hit the news next to reports of the monarch’s organic jelly posting huge sales.

Throughout the product sales back and forth between his dad and wife, Prince Harry apparently wants no part of either new brand’s promotional campaign, which one royal insider says comes from “his many years of not selling or promoting himself to embarrass the Crown.”