Atlanta Dream Vice President Renee Montgomery welcomed Fever’s Caitlin Clark and Sky’s Angel Reese and highlighted the importance of appreciating their arrival. Additionally, she pointed out that the work done by former players before should not forgotten.

Before she became the part-time owner of the Dream franchise, Montgomery was the fourth overall pick in the 2009 draft by the Minnesota Lynx. She helped the team capture two championships for the team in 2015 and 2017. Playing for 12 seasons, she was considered one of the premier guards in the WNBA.

Montgomery is an ambassador of the league, using her platform to push it in the right direction. Appearing on CBS Sports’ “We Need To Talk,” she said:

“For the people that’s been there since day one, we’ve always known that the product has always been A-one. … We wanted everything else to catch up … we wanted the fans to catch up … People need to recognize that women’s sports, there was never a problem with the product, there was just a problem with the support.”

Montgomery argued that the WNBA always had potential even before this year’s rookie class arrived. However, it was also a matter of garnering the proper support needed and growth in the fanbase to succeed.

Exciting times are ahead as players are getting the proper attention they deserve. Montgomery pointed out that the league’s current generation of stars benefits today from what past athletes accomplished during their time.

WNBA legend gave two cents on who has the best case to win the ROTY award

In her appearance on NBA TV, Renee Montgomery acknowledged that Fever guard Caitlin Clark has a strong case to win the ROTY trophy.

“Of course, Caitlin Clark is the favorite to win Rookie of the Year, but there’s also Angel Reese” Montgomery said, “It’s very interesting how things could go. It always depends on how well your team is playing, are people going to pick the best player on the best team, is it the high volume of points?”

The two rookies play with a different feel for the game. Clark is more of a playmaker with impeccable shotmaking ability from beyond the arc. She is also an underrated rebounder for her size and position.

Meanwhile, Reese imposes at the rim with her low-post scoring and strong rebounding ability. Despite being just a rookie, she is already a walking double-double machine.

The race remains tight between the two as they continue to put the league on notice with what they can do on the WNBA court.