Fans reacted to Drake attending Michael Rubin’s popular “White Party” in the Hamptons on July 4, just hours after Kendrick Lamar released his highly anticipated music video for Not Like Us. Videos of Drake at the party went viral shortly after Lamar’s video garnered over 13 million views on YouTube within 14 hours of its release.

As a picture of Drake with Rubin was uploaded on Instagram, netizens took to the comment section of the post to make fun of the God’s Plan singer. Most people alleged that the rapper looked like he had aged rapidly.

Drake and Kendrick Lamar have been at each other’s throat since a long time

Drake and Lamar have been at odds since years (Image via Getty)

Drake and Lamar have been at odds since years (Image via Getty)

Kendrick Lamar released the music video for his song Not Like Us on July 4. In just 15 hours, the video has amassed an astounding 13 million views as of this writing.

Drizzy, meanwhile, appeared unbothered when words of the video spread rapidly. He was spotted mingling and sipping a drink at Michael Rubin’s well-known “White Party” in The Hamptons. Netizens have shared a video of the Canadian rapper where he could be seen jokingly conversing and having fun at Rubin’s party.

Due to the ongoing dispute between Drizzy and Kendrick, the whole situation attracted even more attention from internet users.

The God’s Plan singer’s usage of artificial intelligence to create vocals that resembled Tupac Shakur set the whole thing off. It was a controversial move in the West. After that, in March 2024, the two’s rappers rivalry intensified over Lamar’s Like That, a reaction to Drizzy’s First Person Shooter.

After that, both the rappers released several songs and targeted one another. Kendrick released
Euphoria and 6:16 in LA as a reaction to Drake’s diss track, taking direct blows at the rapper.

In response, Drizzy released a song titled Family Matters, in which he called Kendrick a domestic abuser and hinted that one of his children wasn’t his biological kid.

Then Kendrick responded with Meet the Grahams, accusing the One Dance singer of being a s*xual predator, involved in s*x trafficking, and the father of a child born in secret. A day later, Not Like Us was released, and it quickly rose to the top of the summer music charts. In this song, Drake was charged with p*dophilia.

Drizzy then made an unsuccessful attempt to return with The Heart Part 6. However, he couldn’t make it and the rap duel was won by Kendrick.


Not Like Us eventually emerged as the diss single with the greatest amount of traction. It debuted at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and smashed numerous streaming records.

It became Kendrick Lamar’s fourth number-one hit and his second in the US Top 100 charting single of the year, following Like That.

On the other hand, Drake has kept mum about the entire situation and Lamar’s act of dropping the Not Like Us video amidst the party.