The Quebec Maritimes Junior Hockey League, also known as QMJHL, could be in a lot of trouble. A $15 million lawsuit has been filed against the league by former players who are suing for some serious allegations. It is one of three major junior ice hockey leagues that make up the Canadian Hockey League, but they may not exist in the same way when all this is said and done.

Former players are alleging hazing, which has often bridged too far in college and other settings. The hazing that took place here, according to a report, is “degrading, humiliating, and abusive”. Five more players have joined the suit.

These five unnamed players described the QMJHL as a “living hell” and told their stories in the lawsuit according to Global News. The legal filing is 58 pages long and it contains harrowing details of disturbing incidents.

One was specifically described as “painful and lengthy acts of sodomization” as well as forcing players to do things naked in public. There were burns to the genitals and swallowing items that had been in inappropriate places beforehand.

The report states that several former players had trouble continuing in the sport of hockey as a result. They also have had trouble in their relationships stemming from the alleged abuse.

QMJHL comments on allegations

The QMJHL has seen the astonishing allegations and the lawsuit. Other than providing a general statement acknowledging the issues, they’ve largely remained silent since it is an ongoing process.

The QMJHL has responded to the allegations in a statement (Getty)The QMJHL has responded to the allegations in a statement (Getty)

Via Global News, they said:

“At the present time, we are doing everything in our power at the League to properly educate and supervise our players and staff. They know it’s essential to behave properly on and off the ice, and that there’s zero tolerance for any form of abuse.”

The lawsuit states that much of the abuse was done by older players, some of whom might have been in their 20s when it happened. It also claims that managers and other league employees were aware of the hazing but did nothing about it.