Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are likely gearing up to make another explosive, tell-all documentary for Netflix about their time in the British monarchy. The pair are said to be “back in the streaming giant’s good graces,” as they approach the one-year mark when their reported $100 million dollar contract is set to expire.

“Seeing that the Sussexes are in good with Netflix again definitely raises fears of what they’re going to do next,” an insider spilled to an outlet.

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Harry and Meghan can’t seem to make up their minds over the royals.

“It’s all well and good if Netflix has put money into their brand and cooking and lifestyle types of shows, but the royals can’t help but worry there’s more to the plans that will land them in the hot seat,” they added. “No doubt the TV bosses would do just about anything to get a second docuseries out of Meghan and Harry centered on their relationship with the royals because that’s what generated so much publicity and so many streams.”

This follows previous reports in April after Meghan’s glossy new product line rollout. Netflix was said to be “livid” that the ex-actress and Prince Harry “dared” to focus on anything other than their deal with the streamer.

“Netflix has given a $100 million dollar contract to the Sussexes, and now the Sussexes are going to have to start singing for their supper because Netflix wants payback,” royal expert Michael Cole dished. “They don’t give away all that money for nothing.”

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2022’s ‘Harry & Meghan’ is the ‘only hit’ the pair have given Netflix four years into their megawatt deal with the streamer.

Other insiders took a blunter approach to the deal and stated: “That’s ultimately the reason the bosses coughed up $100 million to sign them in the first place,” in reference to Harry & Meghan being the duo’s only hit for the network so far. “So it’s hard to imagine execs won’t keep pushing for more to get their money’s worth. It’s just a question of whether or not Meghan and Harry bite. And the feeling is the Sussexes are capable of anything if they’re desperate enough.”

With the news of an alleged sequel to the “salacious” documentary, palace courtiers are said to be “sick to their stomachs” by the reports.

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The series showed candid footage of the duo’s ‘elusive children,’ Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet Diana.

“It’s already such a difficult time for the royals with King Charles and Princess Kate struggling with their health issues, and it’s been much more difficult than they expected to adjust to life with the slimmed-down monarchy,” the insider continued. “The last thing they need is to have more fires to put out.”

They concluded: “The royals would love to believe Harry and Meghan are done with the tell-alls, but considering how much money is on the table it’s very hard for anyone to believe that Netflix bosses aren’t going to be putting huge pressure on them to deliver something more. At this point, the royals are all just waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s stressful to say the least.”