This  2024 marks 20 years since actress  Grettell Valdez  met her first husband, the Argentine  Pato Borghetti , with whom she had such a special relationship that they ended up getting engaged and then getting married just 6 months later. After years of marriage, in 2009 the couple welcomed their first son  Santino , but unfortunately only 1 year after the birth of the minor, the couple signed a  divorce

In the last week, Grettell reappeared before the press because she is promoting her new project on  Televisa , the novel  La historia de Juana , and one of the programs she visited was Maxine Woodside’s radio broadcast. Here the Querétaro native remembered how difficult Santino’s first years of upbringing were, since she practically became mom and dad after separating from Patricio.

Although the ex-couple currently boasts an excellent relationship as Santino’s parents, the  47-year-old  Mexican did not hesitate to tell how complicated her experience as a single mother was: “Santino, thank God, has a great dad, but the truth is I remember the whole process of… day to day, I remember being a new mother, suddenly Santi with a temperature and me alone, grabbing the car and taking him to the hospital. So all those day-to-day processes, well, obviously  I went through them, alone .”
Grettell Valdez raised her son without the help of Pato Borghetti.
In this sense, Valdez expressed solidarity with women who live in a worse situation than hers and mentioned: “So I can understand many mothers a lot… the truth is that the entire process of Santino’s entire stage of growth, well, it has touched me …everything,” he mentioned. In the same way, Grettell relived one of the scenarios that she frequently experienced with his only son when he was already attending school.

The actress of novels such as  What life stole from me  and  The unforgivable  said that now Santino understands everything she did for him: “Recently he told me ‘mom, now I understand what you did, and I hated you’… and now he alone He already does it, no one has to be behind him,” explained the actress. Subsequently, the reporters changed the subject to Valdez and asked her how she is in matters of love after her failed romantic relationship with  Leo Clerc , the Swiss businessman whom she married in 2018 and separated from her in 2020.

Grettell confessed that she is open to love, but there is no urgent need to find a partner: “I’m already broken, I’m going to celebrate 4 years since I separated, I got divorced, and the truth is at the beginning , the first two years were a lesson, the truth is , but right now I say ‘yes, oh yes’, especially about going to the movies and turning around and seeing someone, or having them hold your hand, having them send you flowers , of course I miss that part, but also at what time?, no I’m going out,” explained the interpreter.