Prince Harry’s recent behavior towards Princess Anne has stirred speculation about tension within the royal family, particularly ahead of an anticipated reunion. According to a body language specialist, Harry displayed unusual gestures towards his aunt at last year’s king’s coronation. With just a few weeks until his next trip to the UK, Harry’s previous visit was marked by signs of nervousness, observed during a significant event where he was seated alongside his cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Notably, Meghan Markle chose to stay in the US with their children, leaving Harry to attend alone.

Body language expert Judy James noted Harry’s apparent anxiety, citing increased blinking and lip movements, possibly indicative of nerves or heightened adrenaline levels. When Princess Anne approached Harry’s seat, his demeanor shifted, with his head dropping and gaze fixed on her. Despite this, Harry seemed content chatting with his cousins and their spouses, demonstrating a strong bond with them, particularly evident in his interactions with Eugenie and Beatrice’s husband.
Prince Harry Receives Warning from Princess Anne: Never to Return to the UK

Amid preparations for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, Harry is slated to return to the UK for a special event at St Paul’s Cathedral. While Meghan’s attendance remains to be confirmed, both are urged to reconcile and set aside past grievances for the sake of the royal family’s cohesion and growth.

Royal author Christopher Anderson suggests that Harry’s return presents an opportunity for him to contribute part-time to royal duties, easing the burden on other family members, particularly amid King Charles and Princess Kate’s undisclosed health concerns. However, reconciling with Prince William, who is reportedly dealing with Kate’s illness in secret, may pose challenges.

Ultimately, Harry’s potential return could either enhance his value to the monarchy or exacerbate existing tensions within the family. The path forward involves navigating past grievances and prioritizing the collective welfare of the royal household.