“Project 2025” began trending on Google moments after actress Taraji P. Henson urged guests at the 2024 BET Awards to look it up, educate themselves on it and vote.

“I’m telling y’all, you better show up and show out. I’m being serious now,” Henson said as she looked directly into the camera in the middle of the show on June 30. “It’s not just about the presidential election, you guys. It’s time for us to play chess, not checkers.”

Project 2025, known as the Presidential Transition Project, is a conglomerate of conservative policy proposals, potential picks to fill positions for the next administration, and more in the event that a republican, which would be Donald J. Trump, is elected president in November. It was put together in 2022 by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative nonprofit, in order to “pave the way for an effective conservative Administration.”

The project is based on four pillars: a Policy Agenda, Personnel Database, Training and a 180-Day Playbook.

“The Project 2025 plan is not a game. Look it up,” Henson said during her impassioned speech.

She also criticized the recent set of U.S. House bills, including the defense bill that would automatically register men between a certain age for the draft and the suggested update that would include women. She asked the crowd if they knew “it was now a crime to be homeless,” referring to the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling allowing cities to punish people for sleeping outside.
“I’m not trying to scare us, I’m trying to inform us,” Henson continued. “I’m talking to the mad people who don’t want to vote. You’re gonna be mad about a lot of things if you don’t vote.”