The American rapper and singer-songwriter Azealia Banks has been allegedly evicted from her Florida house for not paying her rent. Sources including Trellis Law reported the full case on July 5, titled Isis Claro v. Azealia Banks. A judge has now entered a Writ of Possession for the rental home in Florida that Banks now occupies.

The same source reported that the complaint filed by the landlord was an attempt to remove Azealia Banks from the property situated in Miami-Dade County, Florida. According to the landlord, the renter has not paid the rent when it was due, leaving her in a $8,000 debt.

However, the homeowners were sued by Banks. She further claimed that the owners and their lawyer had been harassing her and calling her at odd hours. Additionally, she further alleged that the owners illegally and irrationally increased her rent, breaking Florida law.

Azealia Banks allegedly failed to pay her rent on time which is why she got a notice to vacate her house

Azealia Banks is now facing fires (Image via Getty)

Azealia Banks is now facing fires (Image via Getty)

Singer-songwriter Azealia Banks has been reportedly asked to vacate her Florida house for not paying her rent. According to the court documents, which were first made available to the public by Reddit user r/popculturechat on July 5, Banks had already filed a countercase against the homeowners.

She did that by claiming that they, along with their attorney, had been bothering her at inconvenient times and threatening to sell the story to the media.

She also alleged that her rent had been increased illegally and irrationally, but the court filing made it clear that the legal defense she attempted to use for her case is not applicable in this particular situation.

She also attempted to sue her landowner for a substantial $50,000 in damages. In addition, she asserted that she had somehow overlooked the infestation of rats in the house when she moved there.

Moreover, she also claimed that she neglected to inform the FDA of the incident. She then sent the homeowners a screenshot from a payment app which did not contain any date.

It was confirmed by the homeowners that the payment was false. In addition to this, on July 2, a judgment was issued against Banks for failing to deposit the outstanding balance into the account maintained by the court.

Furthermore, a Writ of Possession issued by the judge allowed Banks 48 to 72 hours to leave the property.

Azealia Banks previously got into verbal argument

This isn’t the first time Banks made the headlines for similar incidents. She got into a verbal argument with a Woodland Hills, California, neighbor in 2020. Her male neighbor came to her door because he was upset about her loud music. Following a dispute, the neighbor was said to have taken out a gun and threatened Banks.

Additionally, Backgrid reported that Banks was so terrified that she took to social media to beg and cry to her followers to get to her quickly and defend her before the police showed up. She also posted her home location so that her followers could reach her. Once the LAPD arrived at her place, they restored order, however, no arrests were made.

Moreover, a similar incident was covered by WGTC in December 2022. It reported that the alleged court documents stated that the rapper had been asked to evacuate her Miami rental house.

On November 30, photos of what seemed to be court documents were made public by the Reddit user r/Deuxmoi. The screenshots allegedly showed Banks attempting to avoid the authorities in an attempt to ignore the eviction notice.

According to the leaked documents, when the authorities arrived, a woman welcomed them but she declined to comment on Banks’ whereabouts or identify herself. Things eventually escalated when this unnamed woman began yelling and then struck the authorities across the face with a fire extinguisher.