Kendrick Lamar dropped the music video for Not Like Us and social media caught on fire. On Thursday, July 4, as Independence Day fireworks hit the sky, Lamar added to the noise by putting out the music video for his penultimate diss track against Drake, Not Like Us.

Fenomenal, MV Not Like Us Kendrick Lamar Raih 11 Juta Penonton dalam 10 Jam

The music video once again saw Kendrick Lamar go after Drizzy. Apart from staring at a caged barnyard owl and blood walking with his partner Whitney Alford, Kendrick also directly responded to Drizzy’s first diss track against him, Push Ups by performing some push-ups in his music video.

Notably, Drake titled his April 19, 2024 diss track, which was primarily against Lamar, Push Ups. As per Genius, the title was about a viral 2023 video of Lamar performing some prison push-ups. It was also in reference to Drizzy’s subordinates in the music industry trying to ‘push up’ to his level.

In the music video to Not Like UsKendrick Lamar directly addressed Drake’s diss track by doing push-ups across cinder blocks in a room that looked like a prison cell, accessed by Tommy the Clown. In response to one verse in Push Ups where Drizzy talked about Lamar having his picture on the wall, the rapper also ensured that a picture was kept turned around in the scene.
Kendrick Lamar a sorti son diss track sur Drake (qui prend cher) | Goûte Mes Disques

Social media users were left ecstatic by Kendrick’s Push Ups reference. People acknowledged the rapper’s artistry and called the music video a “masterpiece”. Here are a few X reactions to the Push Ups reference in the Not Like Us music video:

“The amount of detail and thought that went into this is absolutely amazing. You see something new every time. It’s a masterpiece.”, noted one user.

“Bruh responded to every single thing Drake said everyone”, added another user.

“Damn he really pay attention to detail, don’t f**k with a Pulitzer Price winner”, noted a third user.

“They put ya boy in the corner facing the wall like he on time out 😂😂”, joked one X user.

Some users simply could not get enough of Lamar’s music video, with one person even watching it three times in a row.

“Dawg I’ve watched three times and keep getting stuff !”, claimed one X user.

“this is my definition of worldly success as an artist. when people understand your creative language”, applauded an X user.

“He aint one to play with… he is on another level… Easter eggs all around”, noted another X user.

“Also 17 pushups for the ages he (Drake) likes and be around”, one user assumed.

Whitney Alford made an appearance in Kendrick Lamar’s Not Like Us music video

Kendrick Lamar’s fiancée, Whitney Alford along with the couple’s two children Uzi and Enoch made an appearance in the Not Like Us music video. Four minutes and eight seconds into the video, the camera zooms out of a black-and-white shot of Alford and the kids standing alongside Kendrick as he rapped:

“The family matter and the truth of the matter/ It was God’s plan to show y’all the liar.”

Alford, sporting an unzipped sweatshirt, crop top, and baggy pants had a big grin on her face as she danced around with her children in a black-and-white shot as her partner sat on the couch. Later, Kendrick Lamar also joined in as the couple blood-walked to the track in what looked like the living room of a house.

Alford’s appearance in the video seems to be a direct response to Drizzy’s diss track Family Matters in which he accused Lamar of domestic violence and Alford of infidelity with PGLang co-founder Dave Free. The music video was directed by Lamar and Free. The video has amassed a whopping 15 million views within 18 hours of its release.