Royal reporter Kinsey Schofield on what Harry and Meghan ‘lack’

Meghan Markle has completed filming on her forthcoming Netflix series, which is predicted to premiere in the next six months. And it appears the Netflix series and her lifestyle brand may go hand-in-hand.

The streamer may step in and act as a distributor for American Riveria Orchard — if Meghan looks good, Netflix looks good — and then the media company can say they played a role in its success, says one royal expert.

To Di For Daily’s Kinsey Schofield has a theory on what to expect, speaking exclusively to Daily Express, saying: “According to previous reports, Netflix is also considering partnering with Meghan in the capacity of distributor for American Rivera Orchard so they can stake some claim on any hype her show could potentially build for her new lifestyle brand.”


Kinsey believes there’s a lot riding on this, that Prince Harry and Meghan’s deal with Netflix may be on the line, and this is a “make or break” moment for the Sussexes.


It’s being suggested she will star in the series

Now that Meghan has completed filming on the cookery and lifestyle show, it may free her up to focus on her lifestyle blog American Riviera Orchard.

The blog soft launched in March, but it has yet to go live. There has been some activity on social media but it has been very minimal.

If Schofield’s prediction is correct, that Netflix will be helping Meghan with American Riviera Orchard, it may not happen until the series premieres, and that could be another six months.

Meghan has been inching her way back to on-camera since the Variety red carpet moment

It sounds like Netflix may be calling the shots, says Schofield, hat the online streamer may have given Harry and Meghan an ultimatum, that they’re expected to appear on-camera, because that’s what’s going to bring the viewer in.

“Their contract with Netflix is up in less than 12 months, they were the butt of the jokes at multiple Hollywood award shows, it’s crucial that Harry and Meghan tprove their value.”

“Will Meghan’s show attract an audience? I feel like a lot of people will tune out due to her lack of sincerity and her grandiose opinion of herself and her abilities.

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