Coming to cheer for her boyfriend – football player Travis Kelce – on October 22, singer Taylor Swift wore a team uniform and a bracelet with his jersey number.




Taylor Swift was seen sitting in the stands watching the match between Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. She wore the team’s red shirt and sat next to teammate Travis’s wife. The pop star attracted attention with a yellow bracelet, which had the number 87 between two hearts.

During the match, Taylor Swift excitedly cheered and interacted with those around her. She also enthusiastically took photos of football player Patrick Mahomes’ wife and children.

Travis Kelce, Teammates Trade Taylor Swift-Inspired Friendship Bracelets


Travis Kelce And Chiefs Trade Swiftie-inspired Friendship Bracelets

The 33-year-old singer and football star Travis Kelce have been publicly dating since September. Taylor has continuously gone to the stadium to support her boyfriend’s matches over the past month. With the pop star’s support, Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs won consecutively.

Travis Kelce, 34 years old, has twice won the Super Bowl with the team. The American sports star is the one who proactively got to know Taylor Swift. In July, Travis went to see Taylor’s concert and tried to meet her to give her a bracelet with a phone number.

Travis Kelce cười rạng rỡ trên sân. Ảnh: Page Six

Taylor and Travis Kelce’s new love affair is fully supported by fans. Taylor’s fans wrote that they were happy that the female singer could publicly express her feelings after many years of a secret relationship with her ex-lover. “I’m so happy that Taylor found someone who isn’t afraid of her shine and treats her lovingly,” one fan wrote.

Taylor và Travis tay trong tay đi chơi đêm. Ảnh: GC

Taylor spent 5 years dating British actor Joe Alwyn. Disagreements in lifestyle as well as the difference in popularity and success are said to be the reasons why the two broke up earlier this year.