Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Spending $100,000 Daily on Their Romance, per Report-EMSON

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are having a $100K romance.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been together for the better part of a year now and their whirlwind romance shows no signs of slowing down. The thing is, it probably should. It turns out these two are spending a ton of money on their courtship. Approximately $100,000 a day according to Life & Style Magazine.

That’s right, the couple is apparently spending more than the average American two-income household brings in annually every single day. It may seem extreme, but when you break it down it seems slightly less outrageous, even if it still seems wrong.

The private jets alone are costing a fortune as Kelce and Swift travel abroad for the Eras Tour, but then when you hear Swift is filling them with “Joe’s Kansas City Barbeque, seafood Alfredo and Coca Cola” it all starts to make sense. Have you seen how much a 12-pack of Coke costs these days?

Swift and Kelce are also apparently splitting 20 bodyguards who make a thousand dollars a day. And Kelce is spending thousands a day on flowers for her dressing room. Luckily, she only performs three or four nights a week or that could really get out of hand.

It’s actually been a year (July 8) since Kelce went to see the Eras Tour at Arrowhead and failed to meet her for the first time. According to an incredibly comprehensive timeline on Billboard, Kelce started addressing the rumors of their relationship in mid-September and she came to her first game on September 24 so it’s been at least nine months that the two have been dating, which is approximately 270 days.

At $100,000 a day, that’s over $27 million so far. The good news is that according to Life & Style, “they don’t even think about the money they’re spending.”

That makes sense with Kelce making an average of $17 million a year because he’d wake up in a cold sweat if he realizes how many live reads for Crown Royal he’s going to have to do to pay for all this. No wonder he’s started performing with her since backup dancers get paid and travel for free which must be a relief when there’s a possibility you’re deep in debt to every florist from Kansas City to London and need to at least put down a deposit when you land in Milan and want to keep the orchids and hydrangeas flowing.

With training camp starting soon and then football season, things should slow down for Kelce. Swift will head to Canada in mid-November and early December for more shows and he’ll be able to stay home and let his credit cards cool off. The only problem is Swift is thinking about marriage according to Life & Style and if he’s serious he’s going to need to put away two months’ salary at some point so he can buy an engagement ring. If he’s lucky her parents are traditionalists and will offer to pay for the wedding