In a recent interview, King Charles shared a poignant reply when questioned about Prince Harry’s potential return to the United Kingdom. Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to step back from royal duties in 2020, the couple has been residing in the United States with their two children. Their relationship with the royal family has undergone significant changes, leading to various reports surfacing over time.

According to a report from Mir UK, it has now come to light that Prince Harry and his father, King Charles, are experiencing a strained relationship and have had minimal contact. However, despite these circumstances, King Charles provided an unexpected response when confronted with the question of Prince Harry returning to England.

During a visit to the Stratford University campus in East London to commemorate its 125th anniversary, King Charles engaged with students and supporters. Amongst the crowd, one man shouted, “Please bring Harry. Could you please take him back, sir?” Initially, the king did not hear the remark and inquired about its content. The man then clarified, stating, “Harry, your son.”

Reacting nervously, King Charles responded, “That’s wonderful.” Meanwhile, Prince Harry attended his father’s coronation as King Charles at Westminster Abbey in June. Alongside his cousins, aunts, and uncles, he stood before the audience as a senior member of the royal family.

In his book “King Charles III: The Latest Addition to the Royal Biography Shelf,” author Robert Jobson delves into the dynamics within the British royal family. Jobson claims that as relations among the senior royals began to deteriorate, the late Queen and King Charles ceased returning Prince Harry’s correspondence. According to the book, King Charles took this action after Prince Harry directed a curse at him during a heated argument over financial matters. Subsequently, King Charles decided to stop responding to Harry’s calls, as his son persistently asked for money. When the queen inquired about Charles’s decision, he reportedly responded by stating he was not a banker.

The evolving relationship between Prince Harry and King Charles continues to be a subject of interest and speculation among royal enthusiasts.