Eddie Murphy is absolutely nailing it in this first clip of ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’!

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After more than three decades since the third installment’s release, it seems the beloved fan-favorite Axel Foley is returning to the big screens with the soon-to-be-released fourth installment, which has been titled Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. And returning as him to once again lead the franchise is none other than Eddie Murphy, the actor who iconically embodied this character in the first three movies.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. | Credit: Netflix.Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. | Credit: Netflix.

While the hype around this fourth film was already as great as ever, Murphy seems to have further heightened the excitement surrounding it with the release of the presumed masterpiece’s first clip starring him alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Bobby Abbott. And, as expected, Murphy putting his detective cap back on in this clip is enough to make even Bad Boy Will Smith quake in his boots.

Eddie Murphy is Killing it in the First Clip of Beverly Hills Cop 4

If the previously released three installments in the Beverly Hills Cop film series were jam-packed with phenomenal action sequences and some highly mastered comedy, know that you’re in for a much greater treat than expected.
Eddie Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt in a still from the movie. | Credit: Netflix.Eddie Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt in a still from the movie. | Credit: Netflix.

This is because Eddie Murphy, who has played the iconic lead role of Axel Foley in all the previous installments since 1978, has seemingly surpassed all of those bars and expectations in the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.

Besides the officially released trailers of this soon-to-be-released movie already proving just how tremendous of a masterpiece this just might end up being, the recently released first clip of the movie is further peaking all of those excitement levels among fans.

This comes after @IGN on X recently took to the social media platform to share the exclusive first clip of Netflix’s latest action comedy. Take a look at it for yourself:

As can be seen in the clip, Murphy’s Axel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s Bobby Abbott are trying to run away from the other cops because “they’re trying to kill us.” During this, Axel takes Bobby to the roof to get a hesitant Bobby to fly the helicopter standing there to escape.

However, little does he know that the reason why Bobby was nervous was that, although he was trained during his term in the LAPD, he didn’t exactly know how to perfectly fly a helicopter and even “crashed the f—ing helicopter” during his training, leading to him leaving the LAPD.

Hilariously enough, that was hardly what Murphy’s Axel expected, and as he screams at Bobby to “Wait! Shut it down!” the last sequence of the clip showed the helicopter plunging straight down the building on which it stood, leading to the characters being terrified to the bone as they fall.
A still from the film's first clip. | Credit: Netflix.A still from the film’s first clip. | Credit: Netflix.
Needless to say, this iconic sequence was as action-packed and thrilling as it was hilarious and could have literally anyone screaming in excitement — something that Murphy has been used to doing ever since he first starred as Axel in the first BHC movie back in 1984.

That being said, this clip is also enough to make even Will Smith, who recently had his stunning action-drunk-to-the-core Bad Boy: Ride or Die released, quaking in his boots at just how immaculately Murphy pulled off this iconic sequence in his upcoming movie.


Then there are all the fans who are already having the time of their life after watching this peak clip of the upcoming presumed masterpiece.

Fans React to Beverly Hills Cop 4‘s Recently Released First Clip

A still from the film's trailer. | Credit: Netflix.A still from the film’s trailer. | Credit: Netflix.
As expected, Eddie Murphy has once again immaculately succeeded in catching fans’ attention with this latest first clip released of his much-anticipated fourth film as Axel Foley. Since then, fans have been going crazy with excitement at just how perfect this movie could end up being.

Taking to X, here’s how they’re reacting to the same:

As fans have already made clear with their reviews on it, Beverly Hills Cop 4 has already made its way into fans’ bucket lists for 2024, and won’t hesitate to leave them all shell-shocked with action sequences coupled with perfect comedy like never seen before.

That said, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F hits Netflix on the 3rd of July, 2024.