Shannon Sharpe calls out Rashee Rice

Shannon Sharpe calls out Rashee Rice’s vow to “mature” post Dallas car crash (Image Source: Rashee Rice/Instagram)

Rashee Rice made his first official statement addressing the Dallas car crash on Saturday. In his statement, the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver talked about learning his lesson from the offseason incident and focusing on maturing and going forward.

However, Rashee Rice’s statement didn’t impress Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe, speaking on the “Nightcap” podcast with Chad Johnson, shared his thoughts on Rashee Rice’s statement. Reacting to the wide receiver’s vow to mature, Shannon Sharpe said:

“Nah, don’t be that same person, Rashee. You can’t say that you want to mature and grow and be the same person. How he say he want to be the same person? You want to be a better person than you were before, and your decision-making has to be better.” (1:02)

“And obviously, the people that you hang around, when you’re not making the right decisions, you have to have a fallback guy that can make the right decisions for me.”

Talking about the statement, the Chiefs wide receiver spoke up about the Dallas car controversy through Fox 4:

“I’ve learned so much from [the offseason troubles]. All I can do is mature and continue to grow from that. This is a step in a better direction for me. Accidents and stuff like that happen, but all you can do is move forward and walk around being the same person, try to be positive so that everybody can feel your love and your great energy.”

Andy Reid hints at Chiefs being aware of Rashee Rice’s SMU shooting incident

According to ProFootballTalk, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about the team’s awareness of the wide receiver’s past shooting incidents. Coach Reid hinted at the Chiefs being aware of it:

“The way I’d leave it with you . . . is we knew enough to draft him, you know, and then we just went with the process, and we, you know, we found that it was satisfactory for us.”

When asked to elaborate on his comment, Andy Reid didn’t go into further detail.

“I’ll probably leave it right there. Yeah, I’ll leave it right there for you,” Reid said.

The incident involves Rice’s former girlfriend. When Rashee was at SMU, a former basketball player named Kendric Davis started seeing the wide receiver’s girlfriend.

Rashee Rice, according to ProFootballTalk, went to a basketball game in which Davis was playing. The Chiefs wide receiver then allegedly fired multiple bullets into Kendric Davis’ empty car in the parking lot. It was earlier reported that all teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, were aware of the incident.

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