Harrison Butker and his wife Isabelle and their child celebrate after the Chiefs' AFC Championship win.

Harrison Butker and his wife Isabelle. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most hated teams in the NFL and, simultaneously, one of the most loved. There are many reasons to love and hate the powerhouse franchise, but as of recently, there have been more reasons for the negative aspect.

One of the Chiefs’ more recent events was their trip to the White House to meet President Joe Biden after their 2024 Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Among the attendees was kicker Harrison Butker, who many thought wouldn’t attend due to his recent controversial comments.

Nonetheless, he attended, proving lots of people wrong. He once again proved others wrong after he made some pretty interesting comments about women during the same commencement speech at a private university in Kansas City. He commented that women were more excited about getting married and having kids.

How was this proving people wrong? Well, with these views, many thought that he was being misogynistic and there wouldn’t be any way that the star punter would have a girlfriend, nonetheless, a wife. However, this is untrue as his views are based on his faith, and Butker does indeed have a wife.

Harrison Butker Has Been Married Since 2018

Harrison Butker celebrating Super Bowl championship with his familyHarrison Butker and Wife Isabelle Butker with family (via US Weekly)
Harrison Butker and his wife Isabelle have been married since 2018 and apparently have known each other since middle school, where they met in band class. According to a post on X by the Chiefs’ famed kicker, the couple began dating in high school, and for those asking, yes, they attended prom together.

The night of all nights with @tayronasaurus #prom pic.twitter.com/KwPD3V3Tjw

— Harrison Butker (@buttkicker7) April 20, 2013

The Butkers ended up attending separate colleges after their high school days. Harrison went on to attend Georgia Tech, while his future wife would be just north of him at Rhodes College, where she would play on the women’s basketball team.

After they married in 2018, less than a year later, the couple welcomed their first child into the world in January 2019, baby James Butker. Could there be another Butker on his way to the NFL?