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Former Broncos star compares Patrick Mahomes’ conference to Dallas Mavericks’ conference in the NBA

Patrick Mahomes didn’t play in the NBA Finals, but the reigning Super Bowl champion played a role in the festivities in a Mavericks promo voiceover. It appears that both the Dallas Mavericks and Kansas City Chiefs have something in common beyond that

Speaking on Tuesday morning’s edition of First Take, former Broncos star Shannon Sharpe compared Mahomes’ conference to his favorite team’s conference in the NBA.

Shannon Sharpe: “[00:01:46] I think the AFC is a lot like the Western Conference in basketball. [It’s] loaded and they got a lot of young quarterbacks led by Patrick Mahomes. We know Lamar Jackson.”

“He’s the reigning MVP. … We know Joe Burrow who… he and Tom Brady [are] the only guys to take their team into Kansas City and leave that with a victory en route to the Super Bowl. [00:02:12],” he added. [25.8] First Take

Originally, Sharpe had spoken about the division concerning the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the point also applies to the Chiefs, who share the AFC with the Steelers. Every conference opponent that the Steelers have is shared with Patrick Mahomes.

Adding spice to the conversation in the race for the AFC between Mahomes and the Steelers is the presumptive starting quarterback for Mike Tomlin. Russell Wilson may have a new roster to settle into, but the quarterback is coming off a season in which he defeated Patrick Mahomes in a 24-9 dismantling performance.

In other words, the West in the NBA may be deep but so is the AFC from top to bottom, per Sharpe.

Patrick Mahomes contributes monotone performance in Dallas Mavericks promo

Patrick Mahomes at 2024 Time100 Gala

Patrick Mahomes at 2024 Time100 Gala
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has had a busy couple of weeks. Between completing his OTAs training and keeping up with the NBA Finals, there has been plenty of time pre-scheduled. However, the quarterback also got a bit of work in for the Finals.

Mahomes recorded a speech as a voiceover of a Dallas Mavericks Twitter/X promotion for the NBA Finals that was posted on June 6. The promotional hype video showed basketball stars on the team playing hard while the quarterback explained what it takes to win a championship.

However, the intensity of his voicework appeared to leave something to be desired. Listening to the speech, it sounded like the quarterback was merely reading lines from a script. Put simply, the performance lacked oomph.

If the quarterback hopes to get into acting at a championship level, it likely will take acting lessons. Of course, with the quarterback getting new commercial deals on a perennial basis, perhaps there’s a chance that practice makes perfect one day. That said, today is not that day, but it is seemingly good enough for the Dallas Mavericks.

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