Photos of Rebecca Lobo and Caitlin Clark

Rebecca Lobo and Caitlin Clark (Photos via Getty Images)
Former WNBA star Rebecca Lobo has explained the reason behind Caitlin Clark getting snubbed for the upcoming Olympic Games

Clark has been dominating headlines in one way or another since being drafted by the Indiana Fever in April, and her exclusion has been the cause of rife debate since it was revealed that she would not be boarding that flight to Paris.

Lobo was a guest on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ on Monday and was asked whether she felt the decision had merit.

“And I’m going to start by giving you some context Greeny [Greenberg],” she replied. “When it comes to forming the women’s Olympic team It’s a three-year process. They started having training camps back in February of [20]22. They had training in April of [20]22, then the World Cup in the fall of [20]22. They had multiple training camps throughout the course of 2023 and then this year in February they went overseas for exhibitions, they had a training camp this April.

“So all of them women who are in the pool and all of the women who ended up reportedly being on this roster participated in many of those. And why is that important? Well because of the timing of the WNBA season, the WNBA takes a break during their summer season for the Olympics. And the Olympic team has seven practices before they participate in the Olympics. So all of these women that you’re seeing on the graphic that are reported to have made the roster have played with one another.”

Lobo explained that Clark hasn’t been able to practice or build chemistry with the players on the squad, acknowledging it’s through no fault of her own.

She also wondered who could be taken off the roster so Clark could make the team.

“Now Caitlin Clark through no fault of her own was not able to participate in any of those training camps,” the Hall of Famer continued.

“She would have either last year in April of 2023 or in April of 2024 except her team was playing in the Final Four. So she did not have that chance, and the other point, I mean Caitlin Clark is an exceptional player. She is going to be a multi-time Olympian as long as she stays healthy. The conversation that no one adds is who are you taking off of that roster to put Caitlin Clark on?”

How Caitlin Clark Reacted To The Snub

Caitlin Clark has offered a reaction to getting left off the team, insisting the move didn’t bother her, though she is motivated as a result.

The player reportedly told Fever head coach Christie Sides, “Hey coach, they woke a monster.”

Clark erupted for 30 points in a win against the Washington Mystics on Friday night. She will be back on the court to face the Connecticut Sun this Monday.

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