Since she was young, Taylor Swift has been endearing and cute.

Below are photos from the not-so-famous days of ‘country music princess’ Taylor Swift recently revealed by photographer Andrew Orth – a close neighbor of the singer’s family in Pennsylvania.


Taylor Swift at age 4 under the lens of photographer Andrew Orth. At that time, Taylor was a little girl with flowing silver hair, growing up on a large farm.

At the age of 6, Taylor began to show off her singing talent. She inherited the voice of her grandmother – an opera singer. In addition to her musical interests, she loves taking horseback riding lessons every afternoon after school.

Taylor was 12 years old, letting her hair shine brightly in the golden sunlight in the fields.


During her elementary school years, the passion for music always burned in Taylor’s heart. She took vocal classes at school and also went to New York to take acting and music courses. At age 10, Taylor was determined to pursue country music and a year later, she won a local music competition with the song “Big Deal” by LeAnn.

At the age of 14, she began learning to play the guitar professionally.

She also meets with many music companies to find opportunities to develop talent.

The beautiful teenage singer quickly signed a contract with RCA Records. However, at the age of 15, Taylor left RCA Records because he did not want his songs to be performed by other artists. This company said that they wаnted Taylor to be 18 years old to record her first album.


Taylor became a freelance singer, performing anywhere, from cafes to talent competitions. Luck came when Scott Borchetta, president of DreamWorks Records, saw her performing at a cafe.

At age 16, she released her debut single “Tim McGraw”. The song about Taylor’s high school boyfriend peaked at number 40 on the Billboard Hоt 100 and number 6 on the Billboard country music chart.



Her debut album was also released that year with 11 songs. However, at the age of 18, Taylor became truly famous for love ballads such as “Love story”, “You belong with Me”, “Fearless”…